How to do a credit check

The term ‘credit’ is synonymous for ‘loans’. A loan is a borrowed sum of money from a bank or a lending institution to fulfill financial goals and meet monetary needs. A credit card is also a type of loan. Usage of loans and credit cards is recorded on a database by banks and credit bureaus, in the form of credit report. A loan applicant may seek their own credit report, or a bank may do a credit score check for a loan application received to assess loan eligibility. This process is known as credit check and involves checking one’s credit report and credit scores.

Online and offline modes for doing a credit check

A credit check can be done via online and offline modes from any one of the four bureaus operational in India, viz CIBIL, Experian, Equifax or Highmark. These bureaus charge a nominal fee to generate credit reports of a loan user. Online mode is usually preferred, because it is paperless, convenient and faster. For the online mode, one must visit the website of the bureau of one’s choice and fill up the details asked under different tabs. There will be a list of documents given, that will indicate proof of identity and proof of residence – one must collect these and upload them online. Thereafter, move along with the instructions given on the web portal, and follow them; close the application by making an online payment for the charges asked by the bureau. The charges for drawing one’s credit report can range from INR 300 to INR 500, depending on the bureau you approach.

The bureaus also list their helpline numbers and email id for assistance in processing your credit score application. Once you close your online process, the bureau will generate your credit report and send a soft copy of the same via electronic mail only to the email id registered by the applicant. For those who are not savvy on the internet and for those who do not have an email id, the bureau will send a hard copy of the credit report to the applicant’s registered residence address. gives free credit score. The process here is more or less the same, as for a paid report.


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